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Give the gift of spiritual clarity to yourself or to help another.


The deck is perfect for all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced reader. With this deck, you will be able to gain clarity and insight into your journey and receive messages from the divine.


The deck consists of 27 beautifully designed cards in a special little lightweight box. Alongside the 27 oracle cards, the deck also provides an Introduction, the Veritas Way of Reading and a useful overview of the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

Alongside beautiful imagery, each card has a key spiritual message and, on the reverse of each, in-depth further divine messages connected to the Spiritual Laws of the Universe & powerful affirmations. These will help you gain spiritual clarity, wisdom and understanding in answer to your questions.


The Veritas Oracle Deck is the perfect companion for your spiritual journey, and, due to its design, any journey your might take! 


Each deck is signed by the author and the artist and comes with an additional postcard for you to write your own personal message if you are gifting to another



SKU: 781399962506
  • Oracle Cards are a divination aid. Each card is pure energy, helping you to connect to the universal force of love - Spirit, the Universe, Source Energy, Super Conscious, the Divine, God - to name a few. Oracle means 'to speak'. Veritas, the collection of spiritual guides speaking through Victoria Nielson as essential truth, will connect you to that higher consciousness and provide wise guidance and sage counsel, as required by you in your divine design. Whilst absorbing your spiritual message, Julia Montgomery's exquisite artwork envelopes you in a warm, energetic & comforting hug.

    These oracle cards can help you to understand your deepest feelings, current challenges, hidden motivations and energetic vibration. You may identify your hidden strengths and triggers, ponder on your divine design and tap into your infinite intelligence - whilst asking the key questions as to your past, present & future. They also provide valuable insight into the Spiritual Laws of the Universe -  powerful guideposts to help you to live a more fulfilled and conscious life.

    Julia Montgomery is a freelance artist inspired by nature.

    Victoria Nielson is a reader & spiritual guide - Veritas Tarot on YouTube

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