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I live near Sandwich in South East England and I am very blessed that I have been on my extraordinary spiritual journey which has led me to now be able to help others who are guided to find me. The greatest pleasure I have is to show others the universe's 'surprises and delights' and to guide them to listen to their soul, their intuition, as it always speaks its truth with love, light and clarity. 



I was also surprised and delighted to have been shown my life path. My background is in fact Marketing, PR and Hospitality within the corporate worlds of banking, charities, the Military and sport. I was at JPMorgan Chase for over 10 years working in both Hong Kong London as Vice President, Head of Marketing & Communications for JPMorgan Chase TSS Europe Africa and Middle East. I have also coordinated, organised and/or advised on corporate, private, charity and military projects in UK venues such as St James’ Palace, Windsor Castle, Mansion House, Banqueting House, the House of Commons, Canterbury Cathedral and outdoor events along The Mall, amongst others. I recently have been CEO for a national educational charity, Waterloo200 which has delivered an educational legacy plan on The Age of Revolution, engaging actively with national UK schools. I previously had also created and directed an award-winning national schools commemorative campaign which was designed to instil a love of history in children, and to encourage the sharing of ideas and the forging of links between schools.


With all of these careers, I relied mainly on knowledge gained throughout my career, on a work hard ethic and with a focus on controlling the environment around me to best achieve the result required. I lived in a place of fear and anxiety. I constantly tried to prove myself to others because, despite many achievements, deep down I had no confidence in myself. I constantly felt that deep-rooted imposter syndrome. Feeling that people would see right through me to the imposter inside, that person whom I was so hard on. That person I put down and ridiculed in private. Any relationship I had was one of me being a people pleaser. If someone could see how lovable I was surely that meant I was loveable? Surely that meant I was ‘seen’? I was yearning to be seen, to be loved and to be respected. But how could I ask others to see, love and respect me when I did not see, love or respect myself?



In 2018 that all changed abruptly. I woke up. A traumatic event, given by divine intervention, happened for me in my life that forced me to shift my perspective about myself, about my perspective about others, about control issues, projection, dependency, inner child wounds, about relationships that I have had, about experiences that I have gone through and ultimately about my own happiness and what happiness really means for me. 


This journey over the last four years has been as a cyclone. A painful, beautiful, exhausting and extraordinary cyclone. I have never felt happier, more connected to myself, to the Universe and to those around me.  


During this journey I was guided to the Tarot. Such a powerful spiritually connected word. Taro (the tarot, the road of life), Rota (the wheel, the Zodiac circle), Orat (speaks or teaches), Tora (the Torah or Law), Ator (Hathor, the goddess of love).  I discovered and embraced my life path. I know I am a ‘healer’, a ‘helper’ through words, through Spirit messages I give others. To explain, a healer does not heal another. Only another can do that for him or herself. Healers can simply trigger in another the ability to heal themselves if they wish for it to be so for people can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves. 



Because I have healed and deeply transformed and now my soul purpose is to help others identify their own triggers from wounds so they can begin to heal and have a better relationship with themselves and others.  I know that tarot cards are a form of divination, the practice of seeking that hidden knowledge we all yearn for. However, those answers already lie within you, within your Soul, your Higher Self, which is connected to Divine energy and through the cards you can work with the Divine, your Higher Self. They are at their core, an energetic soul road map, a self-empowerment guide imaged through 78 symbolic cards to help you find that concealed knowledge of the self.  They are a guided journey of self-discovery. A reading is simply your soul speaking gently with love to you, to help you get back home to you. It is a return to Self What can stand between the soulful, spiritual and successful you is simply a wall of self-imposed resistance. A wall of self-assumed and society induced fears. We are conditioned to see things through that cloudy lens of life, our perceived states of mind with what we have learned, been taught or told over time by ourselves and others. A reading gives a direct perception of pure soul loving energy through a momentary clear lens of life.  Love is the best way of defeating fear. 


In the words of Neale Donald Walsch ‘Conversations with God’ -  “Every human thought, word or deed is based on fear or love. Fear is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, hides, hoards, harms. Love is the energy, which expands, opens up, sends out, reveals, shares, and heals. You have free choice which of these to select.” 


I have chosen love. How may I help you in this present moment?

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