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Straight From The Source

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." Buddha

Testimonials: Testimonials

What a truly amazing and inspirational reading Victoria. I cannot thank you enough for your time – it was one of the best hours I have spent in years - you give so much clarity,  vision and guidance. It helped me so much to just take time and to dig deep and listen to the most important asset we have  - our intuition. Just to have time with you in your energy is what I needed and also something that would help so many at this time. You are a master and how lucky to have met up with you again! Thank you so much Victoria.


Caroline – Wiltshire (Reading)

Victoria did a spectacular reading for me. Thank you Victoria - I was swept up by your positive vibes, brilliant explanation and perfect verbal delivery of my cards. Your recording was so helpful for me to listen to again to plan my near future and get motivated. You really are a sensation and the best tarot reader I have ever had. I will recommend you to everyone I know!!

Libbla (Reading)

"I was totally blown over by the card reading Victoria gave me, which was the most detailed and comprehensive reading I have ever had. With her warm and positive manner, she recognised my challenges, addressed areas that needed my attention for my own personal growth in my work and personal relationships as well as being able to see what lies ahead for me. She was able to confirm that I was heading in the right direction work-wise with all the relevant changes I am making. Her mediumship skills are simply amazing."

Liz D (Reading)

Victoria is a beautiful loving soul who will lead you through your reading with love, light and laughter. She has the rare gift of bringing you to a place of hope and understanding, guiding you gently to the answers you are seeking. I highly recommend this wonderful lady who speaks her truth through Veritas.

Nicola (Reading)

I wanted to thank you for an amazing reading yesterday which was extraordinarily reassuring and soooo relevant. I came away feeling very supported. There was much reassurance that I can trust my instincts and, at the risk of sounding trite, that I am were I should be on my journey. Really,  it was all fascinating! Thank you for being so thorough and spending real time and care.

Diana (Reading)

Thank you so much for an amazing tarot card reading. It was very encouraging, uplifting, reassuring and full of wonderful divine guidance from Spirit. Also spot on for where I am right now in my life. Victoria is very generous with her time and gave the reading the time it needed. I would recommend to anyone who would like a reading, but is a bit nervous or hasn't had a reading before, you are very safe with Victoria, and I can highly recommend her as a genuine, lovely person who makes you feel at ease.

Victoria (Reading)

I am so pleased Victoria has embarked on this journey and blossomed so organically and quickly- not only are her abilities so natural and true, but are delivered in a way that you feel so at ease and comfortable. I call on Victoria not only for simple advice, but for exciting and relaxing experiences of dream and tarot card reading. Both, you can feel her passion and excitement for in a way that inspires me too. So much so I have also mentioned her to many friends, one of which who has joined on group calls to have readings and learn how to do her own!

Maddie (Readings, Spiritual Guidance & Dream Interpretation)

Victoria has a beautiful gift for dream interpretation: she is highly perceptive, sensitive and caring, and I am so happy that she has chosen to begin sharing her wonderful insights with others. Learning the meanings behind my dreams has been a delight. I would recommend Victoria’s guidance to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, and looking to change their lives for the better. After only knowing Victoria a short time I already feel less burdened and more in tune with my intuitive self.

Ellie (Readings, Spiritual Guidance & Dream Interpretation)

Victoria, thank you so so much for my reading which was magical, mystical, really thought provoking but also reminding me of what strength I can have inside me and also to remember that I'll never be alone. Thank you, it was truly beautiful and touched me so very much. I recommend you to everyone, if they are lucky enough to get some time with you to try and book this in with you. You truly are gifted and have an amazing connection to the universe. It has changed my perspective of me, positively, how to approach things, how to reflect and why being grateful is so important.

Zoe (Readings, Spiritual Guidance)

Thank you Victoria for an amazing card reading yesterday which was not only so enlightening and in depth but also presented in a warm, sensitive and positive manner. I feel totally energised by it. Thank you again, you are truly gifted.

Liz (Reading)

I have been blown away by my reading with Victoria, not only for her generosity with her time but for the accuracy of the reading and the clarity gained from her spiritual guidance too. A kind heart and a talented reader. I am very grateful. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Rosie (Reading)

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