Teaching on Thursday

Quan Yin is the goddess of mercy, compassion and love. She has a strong connection to healing energy, in particular Reiki and encourages you to have care, forgiveness and compassion to both yourself and to others. Spirit wants to acknowledge the service and commitment you have offered others during this time. You have done so from a place of love and you are growing and evolving your soul, shown by the lotus flowers.

If you have any difficulties with anyone at the moment, the best way you can keep moving forward is to not judge (which is so much easier to do), but to recognise that all relationships are given to us for our soul to ever evolve and that it is in the understanding that maybe the difficulties we face or have faced with another are simply gifts/triggers given to us by God in order to help us to heal our inner buried wounds. And remember, us for them. So simply choose love, forgiveness, understanding and compassion for both yourself and another, which will only bring you peace and also recognise the soul in all others - it's about seeing that they come from the same source as you do - and source is always only about love. Our ego, our pain body just gets a little in the way sometimes.

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