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Self-Love for Saturday

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The Guru, Sarada Devi encourages you to understand that everyone we meet and know is actually connected to us, is part of us and that if we wish to experience and know true peace, which is true happiness, we need to own the judgement that we project onto others. We need to see our own ‘faults’ and forgive them with love. If something keeps showing up in the people we meet and in the relationships we are in, Sarada asks you to see them from within, in that the aspects of the other person that might be causing pain or frustration for you are the same aspects that exist within us and that unless we are willing to meet that trigger head on, get to know, learn, heal and grow from it, then God will keep presenting them to us in our relationships. It’s out of God’s deep love for us to fully heal and evolve. All relationships are given to us to evolve our soul, for without relationships with another how would we know ourselves? Our soul’s yearning is for us to love ourselves unconditionally and fiercely from within, without judgement or shame for where we are right now. That is the only love that will quiet those harsh, critical voices within us. We are the most unforgiving with ourselves and if we can learn that unconditional love we can stop wasting our time focused on judgement of others or ourselves and get on with being the perfectly imperfect light that we are.

Part of my new Daily Divinations

Magic on Monday

Truth on Tuesday

Wisdom on Wednesday

Teaching on Thursday

Feelings on Friday

Self-Love on Saturday

Spirit on Sunday


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