Feelings on Friday

Can you mend a broken heart?

You, and only you, can mend your broken heart, not another’s heart and another cannot mend your broken heart. In piecing together the pieces of your own heart, you can find your own pathway to peace and self-love. If you look to another to mend your heart, you will only carry those unhealed wounds into the new relationship. But know that angels appear in many different forms to hold your hand through the difficult times.

Rather than clumsily explaining further, I am going to recommend that for anyone who is heartbroken reading this right now, please do read Conversations with God and When Everything Changes, Change Everything (Neale Donald Walsch) in which it is so beautifully explained that all relationships are for the evolution of our own soul. They will help your pathway to peace.

I will say though that the important thing is to remain in the space of Love, the Highest Kind of Love. I know that it is difficult for you to hear....but Conversations with God tells us that love always wants what the person we love wants. In the end, all we really want, if we really love another, is for that Other to be happy...and to be, do, and have whatever it takes for them to do so. It takes great courage and strength to be in this intensely painful space of loving and letting go but that is where the magic starts to happen. When we remain in a loving space we allow, whilst holding hands with the pain but not letting it lead us, those feelings of peace, hope, love, understanding, kindness, compassion, empathy and truth to also take our hand and show us the way to healing. We allow ourselves to listen to our soul, a part of divinity, with all its wisdom and love to comfort and heal us and, as the pain eventually retreats from the forefront of our emotional experience, something magical happens. We learn self-love, we learn about our soul’s unconditional love and we unite with Self. We open up to an even greater capacity to love unconditionally. Give yourself the love you seek and the Universe will send people who match it.

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