Feelings for Friday

Of course, the Lovers card appeared today! Spirit has such a sense of humour. You have been on a journey of discovery, a journey of contrasts, of options, of discovering what you do want from experiencing what you do not want. A journey of also learning that relationships are given to us for our souls to evolve - they are transformative when we understand that everything happens for us to grow and learn.

You have transformed, shown by the snake and the egg and are in a place of peace, shown by the feathers. You have been guided by Spirit and have gained courage, have passion for your creativity and a higher wisdom. You now trust your intuition, your soul guidance. You follow your heart and you speak your truth from a place of love and compassion. The daisy represents joy, purity and spiritual growth. The children speak of playfulness, curiosity and a willingness to believe in magic. You are balanced and you are open to giving and receiving love that is healthy and unconditional and where you simply want for your person what they want for themselves. And they for you. Your cup is overflowing because you have come to love yourself. Spirit says, well done and that the love you deserve is coming very soon.O

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