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For the Mind, Body & Soul

We are delighted to announce that Les Chauvins, a charming 17th Century Charentaise property in the tranquil heart of rural South West France, will be hosting La Retraite in the Late Summer of 2022 (COVID dependant)

More details on the package, the accommodation and the team behind La Retraite are included below.

If you are interested in learning more about this beautiful, rural, rustic retreat, please do join La Retraite mailing list to ensure that you receive more information in due course.



Mind, Body & Soul

La Retraite à Les Chauvins brings together a wonderful and trusted team to provide a variety of well-being experiences for your mind, body and soul.

These currently include:


Spiritual Healing



Breath Work

Relationship Healing

Listening to your Body

Energy Healing

Path Finding

Personal Develoment Life Coaching

Path to Positivity Coaching

Midlife Challenges


Spiritual Guidance

Readings for the Mind & Soul

The retreat package will include your accommodation at Les Chauvins, all group coaching & classes and all food & beverage during your stay.

In addition to the group sessions, you will be able to book in personal sessions with any of the wellbeing team. You will also have opportunities to either relax or explore this charming part of the world. 





Ikigai Therapy

Healing is about the mind body and spirit. All of Nicola's therapies focus on these aspects of Self in varying degree's and she works with you to discover what your individual requirements's are at the time. No session with her is ever the same as your energy changes, so will each session. If you feel drawn to IKIGAI THERAPY you will be searching for an avenue to not only release energy which no longer serves you, but to learn how to shift onto a new path promoting self belief, helping you to release physical, emotional or mental dis-ease within yourself and in time learning to visualise the possibility of wellness and positivity into your life and ultimately create it into BEING.

Member of :


Usui Shiki Ryoho - Reiki One 

Usui Shiki Ryoho - Reiki Two 

Usui Shiki Ryoho - Reiki Master 

Advanced Energy Analysis

( FHT Accredited )

BSY Spiritual Healing - One - High Merit

Supporter of:

Macmillan Supportive Care/ Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Reiki Medic-Care Practitioner



Personal Development - Master Life Coach

Jessie is a licensed, certified and insured Personal Development - Master Life Coach, specialising in healing issues within relationships, especially the relationship you have with yourself, then within other relationships - whether that be with your romantic partner, family relations or with friends and colleagues. Jessie also specialises in stress, anxiety and preventing burn out and helping individuals overcome adversities, either due to sudden change or long suffering, in any situation - particularly suffering due to health issues.

Jessie is working with a cutting edge coaching modality based in neuroscience, with a combination of neurolinguistics, behaviour modelling and positive psychology. This enables you to listen to your inner dialogue and intelligences which will be so often dampened out or out of alignment due to an internal conflict between what you think or perceive, what you feel and want and what action there is for you to take. When dealing with life's issues, you are ultimately dealing with issues of identity, safety, boundaries, meaning, courage, action, connection and values. Unless we utilise our full potential by aligning the prime functions of your internal intelligences, you'll run into problems and difficulties. Learning to integrate and align with your inner intelligence bases, you will produce wise decisions and actions in life, with clarity and understanding, while healing old wounds and patterns that keep you from getting to where you want to be in life or within your current situation.

It is gentle yet profound and you are in control at all times. It is also practical, potent and immediate in its results.



Victoria is a spiritual reader for the mind and soul, a spiritual adviser and dream interpreter. 

As a psychic, Victoria is simply a messenger for Spirit. Victoria has been on an extraordinary spiritual journey which has led her to now be able to help others who are guided to find her. The greatest pleasure she has is give others a gentle introduction to spirituality, to show others the universe's 'surprises and delights' and to guide them to listen to their soul, their intuition, as it always speaks its truth with love, light and clarity. She has no medical training and no degree in Psychology or Psychiatry. As a spiritual guide she is there to trigger within you your own ability to heal yourself. 

Veritas is one of her guides and is the Speaker of Truth.



Positivity Coach

Libbla has been coaching women through Midlife challenges for 5 years, after studying Positive Psychology. She is also a personal trainer and spent many years consulting to small businesses. 

She described her course as helping you to move forward from the problems we can suffer in midlife. Menopause, ageing parents, empty nesting, stuck in life....

Her Path to Positivity is a step by step guide that Deals with your individual challenges starting with studying your character strengths. Whatever your challenge, Libbla helps you Move Forward.

Libbla Kelly is also a published author with her book of Values for Wellbeing.




Les Chauvins

Our Story:

"We recently became the proud new owners of Les Chauvins, which was already operating as a successful self-catering holiday home. We fell completely in love with the property and surrounding area on our inaugural house-hunting trip around the Charente and Dordogne departments in August 2019. 

The short version is; we saw it, fell in love with it, bought it and have since been getting stuck in with making it our own. 

If you are more of a romantic and enjoy reading about how dreams can come true, the longer version can be found on our website."




Perched on top of rolling hills on the Charente Dordogne border, Les Chauvins comprises a traditional French farmhouse, ‘La Ferme’ and an enchanting cottage, the ‘Maison d’Amis’. At the end of a tranquil country lane in breathtaking countryside, it is the perfect setting for a very special retreat experience where you will be able to escape, unwind, relax and be in your bliss.

Both dwellings at Les Chauvins are full of character and French rustic charm, with beautifully designed interiors and gorgeous bedrooms accommodating up to 18 people.

The stunning grounds include a large swimming pool sheltered within the stone walls of a former barn, terraced lawns and sunny seating areas as well as plenty of shaded and secluded spots for quieter and cooler moments. Please see below for various images of Les Chauvins.

We very much look forward to hearing from you and hopefully to welcoming you

to La Retraite à Les Chauvins in 2021.



Flexible Road, Rail or Air Travel

Les Chauvins is in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of South West France, situated in the Charente department,

along it’s border with the Dordogne. 

It is 22km south of Angoulême, the capital of the Charente and 6okm north west of Périgueux, the capital of the Dordogne.



Please do join the mailing list in order to receive more information on the retreat in due course.