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I provide online general readings on YouTube and online personal readings worldwide, whether that be with regards love, life path, career, relationships etc using a wide variety of tarot & oracle cards with spiritual guidance. Whatever is needed for you in the present moment.  


What do you desire? This is a question that we all ask ourselves at many points in our lives. And for many of us, the answer is not as clear as we would like it to be. Whether it's your past bothering you or thoughts about the present or future keeping you up at night, through a reading & spiritual guidance, Veritas can help to ease your anxiety & remind you of the guidance/answers that you already have deep within you. This is because readings are a form of divination, the practice of seeking that hidden knowledge we all yearn for. These ‘knowings’ already lie within you, within your Soul, your Higher SELF which is connected to Divine source energy and through the cards you can connect as such. They are a guided journey of self-discovery. Veritas is that guide.

I trust that a reading will give you insight & clarity as to the past, a sense of peace & acceptance about your present and a feeling of hope & empowerment for your future. 


How may I help you in this present moment?  Love Victoria x 

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Experience Veritas Tarot on YouTube with regular star sign and daily readings uploaded along with spiritual guidance.  Autumn Star Sign readings are currently being read now along with regular daily and monthly readings. 

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Donations are never expected for my general readings, but truly appreciated - thank you. Some of you have requested to do so, so here is the link​.

Please do subscribe to my website, as I do offer occasional free readings to my subscribers. 


Love Victoria x

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For representation or media enquiries, please contact Vicki Field at The Commercial Agency 

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